A summary of the show…

The court. A glittering, slick, corrupt city, where the powerful take the low road in high fashion.

Duke Frederick has exiled Duke Senior to the Forest of Arden. Duke Senior’s daughter, Rosalind, is allowed to remain at court only for her dear cousin Celia’s sake. But once the fickle duke’s tolerance ebbs, Rosalind is exiled as well. She, Celia, and the fool Touchstone steal away to…

Oliver has denied his younger brother Orlando his inheritance and status as a gentleman after their father’s death. After a brash display of Orlando’s at a high-profile wrestling match, Oliver is set on his brother’s death. Orlando’s servant Adam forewarns him, and they escape to…

Arden. An unpeopled forest emerging from a harsh winter, which melts into a golden summer as love begins to blossom amongst its new inhabitants.

Old Corin helps Ganymede (Rosalind in disguise as a boy), Aliena (Celia in disguise), and Touchstone (always the fool) purchase their own country cottage and learn the shepherd’s way of life.

Duke Senior, the melancholy Jacques, Amiens, and the other men of the exiled court show surprising civility to Orlando and Adam in their travels.

As the city kids mingle with the country folk, flirtation and romantic triangulation ensues. The goatherd Audrey falls in with the fool Touchstone, rejecting her betrothed William. Phebe leaves Silvius’s love unrequited when she spies Ganymede. Ganymede plays Rosalind to Orlando in an attempt to cure him of his love, but instead Orlando cures Rosalind of her lingering courtly mistrust.

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