Charlie McGrath, Rebecca Munley Producers
Claire Winkleblack Assistant Producer
Kelby Siddons Director
Adam Skaf Stage Manager
Justin Leider Asst. Stage Manager
Bridgette Hammond Asst. Stage Manager

Anakin Morris Set Designer
Dana O’Brian Costume Designer
Aaron Quick Lighting Designer
Danielle Siegel, Ashley Thompson Props Designers
Dan Carlyon Sound Designer
Dan Wilson Fight Choreographer

Tiffany Kim Publicity Director
David Griffin, Tracy Smith Publicity Asst.
Jacob Watson Graphics Designer
John Allman Asst. Graphics Designer
Abraham Benson-Goldberg Photographer

Cristina Arreola, Liz Coda, Melanie Gertzman, Ashley Thompson Fundraising Team

Matt Filak Technical Director
Shannon Desmond, Melanie Gertzman Asst. Technical Director
John David Fernandez, Lynne Fort Asst. Light Design
Luis Piniero Master Electrician
Rachel Cali, Laura Shultz, Desi Staples Asst. Costumes
Colton Dillion, Max Fagelson, Stephanie Hill, Katie Johnson, Paul Keithley, Jeff Sachs Rude Mechanicals
Fasika Katema, Trish Lawlis, Adriana Stanovici Production Asst.
Cat Alter Director of Debauchery

Have interest in being on the production team as a designer or assistant? Email Rebecca and Kelby at &

Open positions: production assistants, fund raising assistants and assistants to all positions.

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